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Orlando personal injury accident lawyerPersonal Injury Accident Lawyer in Orlando Martinez Manglardi PA says prepare for driverless trucks on Florida highways. Given that there are about 40,000 Florida truck accidents every year, this could be cause for concern. At least until they work the bugs out of autonomous vehicles. In an effort to become a leader in driverless technology, Florida has encouraged tech companies to try out their products on Florida roads. But Florida truck accidents take a heavy toll, killing nearly 300 people a year.

A recent story in Forbes looked at the challenges and opportunities for states as they compete to be the leaders in driverless vehicles.

Should states, counties, cities and townships be eagerly courting self-driving autonomous cars onto their public roadways, or should those jurisdictions be neutral about inviting them into their locales, or should they be highly questioning and require “proof until proven safe” before letting even one such autonomous car onto their turf?

While there may be an opportunity for state governments to project leadership, there are also potential dangers to face. Will personal injury lawyers and truck accident attorneys be talking more cases? Will the embrace of technology create jobs – or will truck drivers be facing unemployment?




A Personal Injury Accident Lawyer Can Help Recover Losses


A truck accident can be devastating, with long term consequences for injured accident victims. As opposed to a car accident, a lawsuit to recover losses after a truck accident can be very complicated. Truck accidents often involve multiple insurance companies, as well as the driver of the truck and the owner of the truck company. So it’s important to find a personal injury attorney with experience in truck accidents to help you. If, after a truck accident, you are looking for the best personal injury lawyer in Orlando, consider the truck accident lawyers at Martinez Manglardi, PA. We’ve been fighting for accident victims for more than 30 years. Call 407-846-2240 for a free consultation at one of our convenient Central Florida locations.



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