Pedestrian Accident Injuries

pedestrian accident injuries

The Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor vehicles (FHSMV) is working to reduce pedestrian accident injuries throughout the state with a pedestrian safety public awareness program.

FHSMV says there are more than 9,500 pedestrian crashes in Florida every year and the number is rising steadily. Last year nearly 850 people were killed and about 1,450 people were injured in pedestrian accidents last year.

“Florida is a top tourist destination with hundreds of miles of beachfront communities and other globally recognized attractions. This means we have a significant number of pedestrians along and near our roadways. As we drive, please remember the safety of pedestrians is a shared responsibility,” says Sheriff Al Nienhuis, President of the Florida Sheriffs Association. On behalf of Florida’s sheriffs, I recommend that everyone keep up with the news and tips from the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles’ National Pedestrian Safety Month initiative. Stay safe, Florida.”

Law enforcement agencies statewide have been cracking down on motorists who violate pedestrian safety laws.

Preventing Pedestrian Accident Injuries

According to the safety advocacy group Smart Growth America, Florida ranks as the second worst state in the country for pedestrian accident injuries and deaths. Smart Growth America says that low-income areas generally have higher pedestrian accident rates. They say that’s party due to urban designers who plan and build cities with cars in mind, not pedestrians or cyclists. Poorer neighborhoods have more pedestrian accident injuries because they have fewer pedestrian-friendly amenities and infrastructure such as parks, designated pedestrian crosswalks, and sidewalks.

Further, due to outdated design, lower-income areas are more likely to have major roadways run right through neighborhoods, roads designed for high speeds, and larger traffic volumes at crossings, making unsafe walking conditions even worse.

“On Florida’s busy roadways, pedestrians are urged to always remain alert and make proper use of pedestrian crossings,” says Colonel Gene Spaulding, Director of the Florida Highway Patrol. “Motorists should minimize distractions, always obey the law, and proceed with caution to avoid striking pedestrians who are our most vulnerable road users.”

FHSMV says that both drivers and pedestrians can reduce pedestrian accident injuries by being more careful and alert. Pedestrians must use sidewalks when available. If one isn’t available, people should walk facing traffic and stay as far away from the traffic flow as possible. (Cyclists are required to ride on the right side of the road, in the same direction as the traffic.

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