Orlando Truck Accident Attorneys See Increase in Pickup Truck Crashes

Best Orlando Truck accident attorneysOrlando truck accident attorneys are noticing a rise in the number of pickup truck accidents in Central Florida. Lawyers are likely to be seeing more pickup truck accident cases, as the vehicles are highly popular.

Generally, after being hit by a truck, people go looking for the best accident lawyer in town. But lately, it’s been the other way around in the Orlando area. Judging by local news reports, pickup trucks seem more prone to being hit, as opposed to hitting another vehicle in an accident. For example, according to the Osceola County Sheriff’s Department, Deputy Gloria Boccio failed to stop while approaching an intersection. She crashed her cruiser into a pickup truck. The truck then hit two other cars. The driver of the truck died at the hospital.

As seen in the video below, a drowsy driver recently caused a truck on truck accident in Polk County. The Florida Highway Patrol cited the driver of the GMC Envoy that plowed into a Chevrolet Silverado with careless driving. Lakeland Regional Medical Center treated the driver of the Silverado truck for a broken leg.



Orlando Truck Accident Attorneys Help Injury Victims

When it comes to vehicle accidents, whether it is a truck hitting a truck or a car hitting a truck, an injured accident victim may need help recovering losses. Large truck accidents and tractor-trailer accidents can be especially deadly. Often times driver carelessness or company negligence can cause a vehicle crash. That’s when an experienced Orlando truck accident attorney can help. Insurance companies may offer a quick settlement, but an accident victim with serious injuries should always consult with the best personal injury lawyer they can find.

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