Orlando Truck Accident Attorney on Driverless Big Rigs

Best Orlando Truck Accident AttorneyOrlando truck accident attorney Martinez Manglardi PA notes that new rules for driverless trucks in Florida don’t seem to emphasize safety. Florida’s governor recently signed a law authorizing driverless transportation networks that would have autonomous vehicles roaming the state as early as 2020. This despite the fact that a study by the McKinsey & Company consulting firm says fully driverless trucks won’t be ready for prime time until 2027. Untested driverless truck technology can mean more Florida truck accidents.

The idea behind autonomous — or self-driving cars — is that machines make better drivers. Ideally, once robots are doing all the driving, there will be fewer accidents. Computers aren’t stupid, they don’t get angry, tired or drunk behind the wheel. Even so, it takes a while to get the kinks out of any system – and self-driving cars and trucks are no exception. Engineers can’t anticipate all of the problems of computer-guided road tripping on the test track. We only achieve real-world results when we allow these vehicles – car or truck – to roam on real roads under real conditions.

For instance, the first fatality in a self-driving car accident happened in in 2016 in Williston, Florida. In that crash, a self-driving Telsa car collided with a tractor-trailer, killing the driver of the Tesla. Investigators found that an unanticipated flaw in the Tesla’s computer sensors caused the accident. The car was driving on a four-lane highway when a truck pulled across its path intending to make a left turn onto the roadway. But the sides of the big rig were white, which, for the computer, blended into the color of the sky. So the computer saw nothing, and there was a fatal truck accident.

Orlando truck accident attorney Martinez Manglardi PA referred to the legal liability issues involved in that big rig crash.


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