Orlando Rear-End Collision Attorneys See More Personal Injury Lawsuits

Orlando Rear End Collision lawyers

Orlando rear-end collision attorneys are seeing more car accident cases involving distracted driving. After a steady, decades-long decline, the number of car accidents in America has begun to rise in recent years. Experts say that technology is providing too many ways to divert driver attention from safely operating a vehicle.

It may be obvious, but drivers who don’t watch what they are doing tend to crash into other things. There are more cars hitting pedestrians, and more rear-end collision accidents. Teenage drivers are especially prone to distraction. According to studies, more than 75% of rear-end collisions involving teenagers occur because the driver wasn’t focused on driving.

Having created the problem, of course, engineers are now working to limit the damaging side effects. Collision avoidance systems are designed to step in when a driver has zoned out.  The systems use sensors to activate warning systems – or even trigger automatic brake or steering actions to avoid a crash. A blind spot detection system, for example, may flash warning signs that another vehicle is in the danger zone. The system may engage the brakes or turn the steering wheel to prevent  an accident.


Orlando Rear-End Collision Attorneys Help Accident Victims

Taking your eyes off the road is basically a form of negligence. Everyone who gets behind the wheel has a duty to drive responsibly. Negligent or careless behavior causes accidents. Personal injury lawsuits are the way to recover losses or medical expenses resulting from these accidents.

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