Orlando Personal Injury Lawyers Skip a lot of I-4 Accident Cases

Orlando personal injury lawyersThere has been a lot of collateral damage during the  I-4 Ultimate Improvement Project, Central Florida‘s Sisyphean struggle to get ahead of explosive traffic growth once and for all.

There have been delays, of course, and accidents and injuries and not a few deaths. The project is an ambitious overhaul of a stretch of what some consider the most dangerous road in America. Construction managers are doing as much as they can to prevent accidents and injuries, but it’s a huge project handling an immense amount of traffic. About 150,000 cars traverse the obstacle course every day. There are people rushing to get to work. There are elderly drivers, new drivers, truckers and tourists.  So there are bound to be some collisions and crashes on a roadway under constant construction.


Orlando Personal Injury Lawyers Help Crash Victims Recover Losses

Not all of the Central Florida car accidents on I-4 result in people getting hurt. With all of the construction going on, there are many minor accidents that don’t involve injuries. The Orlando Sentinel recently reported on the number of damage claims that motorists make against the managers of the I-4 project. There have been nearly 500 damage claims from car owners since the I-4 project started in 2015.

These were not personal injury accident claims, but drivers asking the construction authority to reimburse them for car repairs. Most of the claims are for “debris damage.” It’s the sort of car accident where a vehicle hits a piece of construction material on the road, or even a highway cone marker. These kinds of car accidents result in property damage, usually taken care of with a few hundred dollars.

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