Orlando Motorcycle Accident Attorney Says Look Twice

yield sign watch for motorcyclesOrlando motorcycle accident attorney Martinez Manglardi, PA is reminding drivers that Florida leads the country in motorcycle deaths. Every year, motorcycle accidents kill almost 600 people in Florida and injure nearly 9,000. Incorporating motorcycle awareness into your mindful driving habits can save lives and prevent unnecessary pain and suffering. Since car drivers share the road with motorcyclists, it’s important and useful to occasionally see the road from their point of view.

When zooming along in an enclosed vehicle weighing about two tons, the driver of a car doesn’t worry too much about potholes, minor road debris or a small oil slick. Safely operating a motorcycle, however, requires awareness of such imperfections, because each is a potentially deadly hazard. That’s one reason why a motorcyclist often doesn’t just drive in a straight line but moves around in his or her lane more than a car does.

So give motorcyclists a wide berth, as the saying goes, because they need to maneuver more than cars do.

Any Orlando motorcycle accident attorney will tell you that perhaps the most important thing car drivers can do to safely share the road is “look twice.” That’s because the number one cause of motorcycle accidents involving another vehicle is a car driver violating the right of way of a motorcyclist.


Orlando Motorcycle Accident Attorney Says Stay Safe

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