Orlando Lawyer On Car Accidents and Safety Ratings

Best Orlando Lawyer car accidentOrlando lawyer Martinez Manglardi PA says more reliable safety ratings my help prevent car accidents.  Jason Levine, executive director of the nonprofit Center for Auto Safety, reports that the Star Safety Ratings system needs updating. The system began in 1979 as a way to educate new car buyers about a car’s safety features. The problem, says Levine, is that “there is no comparative value in the system anymore. It’s the equivalent of handing out candy at Halloween: Everybody gets some.”

Investigative journalism organization FairWarning likens the problem to grade inflation. “Today, 98 percent of all vehicles tested receive four or five stars for crashworthiness,” reporter Eric Kulisch noted. “Consumer advocates and safety experts say it’s time to raise the bar for the New Car Assessment Program, which hasn’t been updated in nearly 10 years.”

For example, many cars today come with Adaptive Cruise Control, Automatic Emergency Braking and Blind Spot Detection. These advances weren’t around when they started the rating system, and the system hasn’t changed, so  a consumer has no comparable indicator of how useful they are. Furthermore, manufacturers initially used the metrics as an incentive to provide even better safety systems. However, that doesn’t work in the absence of updated guidelines.



Orlando Personal Injury Lawyer Helps Car Accident Victims Get Justice

While enhanced safety features on an automobile can help, we need to focus on driver error, which remains the number one cause of car accidents. A car accident attorney can file a personal injury case on behalf of a crash victim. After that, insurance company settlements can help pay medical bills and make up for lost wages and earnings. A top personal injury law firm can ensure a fair settlement. Above all, if you find yourself looking for the best personal injury law firm in Orlando, look for experience.

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