Car Accident Law Firm in Orlando Says Careful on I-4

Orlando Car Accident Law FirmOrlando Car Accident Law Firm Martinez Manglardi PA is reminding drivers to be extra careful on I-4. Often called America’s Most Dangerous Highway, Florida’s rainy season is making things even worse. According to the Florida Department of Transporation, a drainage pipe recently collapsed after a heavy rain, creating a big hole in the road. Apparently, the crater didn’t cause any car accidents, but drivers are concerned. “The number one thing is safety,” driver Ray Bazzi told WFTV News Orlando.”If they’re not safe, I don’t feel good about it. I probably won’t use I-4 until I feel like it’s safer.”

Officials want contractors to inspect roadway sections with similar drainage pipes to prevent future collapses. “We don’t want incidents that happened Wednesday night, or flooding to happen,” FDOT spokesman Steve Olson told News 9. “We’ve seen perceptions that I-4 is unsafe. We don’t want I-4 to be unsafe in reality or perceived as such.”



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Car accidents aren’t the only dangerous thing about I-4. Construction accidents are also taking a toll on workers. “Since construction began on the $2-billion-plus overhaul of Central Florida’s busiest road in 2015,” reports the Orlando Sentinel. Construction accidents killed four workers and injured more than 160 people.  About 25 of these workplace injuries have cost workers time on the job, and construction injuries sent 8 workers to the hospital.

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