Car Accident Injury Lawyers in Orlando Urge Safety

Best Orlando car accident injury lawyersOrlando car accident injury lawyers pass along safety tips from traffic safety expert Steve Montiero, a former Florida Highway Patrol Officer. Montiero recently expressed his dismay that Florida doesn’t require adults in the rear seats to wear seat belts.

“Some may scratch their head at this explanation. But believe it or not, if you are over the age of 18, you do not need to wear your seat belt in the back seat of a car,” Trooper Steve told News 6 Orlando. “This law blows my mind. It reminds me we must always drive and operate our cars with common sense and 100 percent safety in mind, even when the law doesn’t.”

Every state but New Hampshire requires drivers and front seat passengers to wear seatbelts. Only 29 states require back seat passengers to buckle in. Florida is one of 34 states that makes driving without wearing a seat belt a primary offense. In all of the other states, police cannot pull over a driver solely for not being belted in.

While such a seemingly common sense idea has been around since the beginning of the age of the automobile, it took a long time for seatbelt use to catch on. Wisconsin was the first state to enact rules requiring cars to be equipped with a passive restraint system, in 1961. It wasn’t until 1965 that every state required that cars come equipped with lap belt restraints. The federal government didn’t catch up until 1968.


Car Accident Injury Lawyers Know Seat Belt Injuries

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, buckling up saves nearly 15,000 lives a year. Car accident injury lawyers, however, know that proper use is critical. Drivers and passengers must fit belts the right way in order to prevent injuries. Doctors have identified  “Seat Belt” syndrome as trauma from safety restraints in an accident. Accident lawyers point out that these — and other auto accident injuries — aren’t always obvious right away. That’s why it’s always important to see a doctor after a crash to see if bruises and sore muscles might indicate more serious bodily harm.

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