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car accident head injury lawyer

Pro wrestler Windham Lawrence Rotunda, who goes by the name Bray Wyatt in the ring, is now winning out over his toughest challenger yet.

Wyatt was recently hospitalized after suffering a car accident head injury in Florida. He missed some WWE wrestling events including the popular ‘Monday Night Raw.’ A car accident head injury, also called Traumatic Brain Injury or TBI, can be devastating. Wyatt suffered multiple car accident injuries in the crash.

According to reports, the wrestling star was driving to the airport when he was involved in a rear-end collision. Apparently, Wyatt hit the car in front of him, which caused that car to crash into another vehicle.

Police say that Wyatt caused the car accident by “not being attentive” behind the wheel. In what is likely a case of distracted driving, police cited him for “careless driving due to his failure to operate his vehicle in a careful and prudent manner,” causing car accident head injuries.

Returns to Ring Despite Car Accident Head Injury

After the car crash, in which his car was totaled, Tampa General Hospital admitted Wyatt. He reportedly suffered multiple injuries in addition to the TBI, but was released after a brief stay. The WWE issued a statement saying, “Due to the injuries sustained, Wyatt did not compete at this weekend’s WWE Live Events. And he will not be present at tonight’s Raw.”

However, within a week, Wyatt had returned to competition. Matt Hardy, Wyatt’s WWE Raw Tag Team partner, announced his return to defend their title in Philadelphia.

What is a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)?

Car accident head injuries, also known as a traumatic brain injury (TBI), occurs when a blow to the head or other trauma causes damage to the brain. TBIs can range from mild concussions to severe injuries that result in long-term neurological impairment. Unfortunately, TBIs are more common than most people realize, with nearly two million Americans suffering from severe car accident head injury each year.

Common Causes of Car Accident Head Injuries

Car accidents are one of the leading causes of Traumatic Brain Injury. The impact of a collision can cause the head to strike the steering wheel, dashboard, or other hard surfaces, leading to brain damage.

Some other common causes of car accident head injury include:

  • Rear-end collisions: When a vehicle is struck from behind, the force can cause the driver’s head to jerk forward and backward, resulting in whiplash and car accident head injury.
  • Side-impact collisions: T-bone accidents can cause the head to strike the window or another object, leading to severe head trauma.
  • Rollover accidents: In rollover accidents, occupants can be thrown around the vehicle, increasing the risk of head injuries.
  • Pedestrian accidents: Pedestrians struck by vehicles often suffer severe head injuries due to the impact of the collision.
  • Motorcycle accidents: Motorcyclists are particularly vulnerable to head injuries as they lack the protection of a vehicle’s structure.

Not everyone is lucky enough to recover from a car accident Traumatic Brain Injury so quickly. Indeed, this is the kind of case where injury and loss may not be apparent for weeks, months or years. That’s why it’s important to see a good car accident attorney if someone else’s negligence injures you. To pursue a personal injury claim for a car accident head injury, you need to establish liability.

This involves proving that another party’s negligence or wrongdoing caused the accident and subsequent injuries. To protect your rights after a serious car accident head injury, contact the Orlando car accident attorneys at Martinez Manglardi. We’ve been serving as Central Florida personal injury attorneys for more than 35 years. Call 407-846-2240 for a free consultation.

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