Orlando Car Accident Attorney: Stay Alert for Halloween

Best orlando car accident attorneyOrlando car accident attorney law firm Martinez Manglardi, PA is urging drivers to be extra careful for Halloween.

Cars hit twice as many children on Halloween night than on any other day of the year. Due to the increase in distracted driving accidents, car accidents on the rise, so it’s important to pay extra special attention. If you are planning to celebrate in Orlando or any of Central Florida’s many Halloween parties, do yourself a favor and think safety when you get behind the wheel.

That way, a traumatized parent won’t be looking to set the best Orlando car accident attorney against you to recover medical expenses for an injured child. Drivers anxious to get home from work, or eager to get to a holiday party, may not be paying full attention. What’s more, clumsy costumes make it harder for kids to see. Or maybe they’ve been celebrating with drinks at a local happy hour or office party. And, more worrisome, many drivers will be talking or texting on the phone as they drive near groups of neighborhood kids.


Orlando Car Accident Attorney Offers Safe Driving Tips


The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration recommends ways to prevent car accidents.

  • Do not drink and drive. Almost half of Halloween car accidents involve drunk driving.
  • Leave the cell phone alone. Distracted driving is responsible for a reverse in the decades-long decline of highway fatalities.
  • Slow down. Drive extra carefully. Don’t pass stopped cars that may be picking up or dropping off children.
  • Be ready for kids to dart out from unexpected places. Many children who are struck by cars in places other than intersections.


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