Orlando Boat Accident Attorneys: Life Jackets Save Lives

Orlando Boat Accident AttorneysOrlando Boat Accident Attorneys are reminding people to stay alert on the waterways. Boating accidents injure and kill more people in Florida than any other state. With nearly a million vessels on the state’s many waterways, there are bound to be accidents and incidents. ( Volusia County ranks in the top ten counties in Florida boating accidents.) In 2018, there were more than 600 reportable Florida boating accidents. These waterway accidents killed 59 people and injured more than 300 others. The types of incidents that boat accident attorneys see most often include boat collisions. There were nearly two hundred boat collisions on Florida waterways last year, which made up about a third of the boating accidents reported.

The most common way to die in a boating accident is by falling overboard, and the most common cause of death is drowning. And there’s a simple solution for that: Wear a life vest!

Orlando Boat Accident Attorneys: Wear A Life Jacket!

Orlando Boat Accident Lawyers Martinez Manglardi PA endorse the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission’s (FFWC) Wear it Florida safety campaign.  FFWC urges all boaters to be safe and consider these life-saving tips:

  1. I’m a great swimmer! Why would I need to bother with a life jacket?Even the greatest swimmers aren’t always ready to be thrown overboard and a quick look at boating safety statistics make that quite evident. Typically over half of Florida’s boating fatalities each year are due to falls overboard and boaters entering the water unprepared.
  2. I’m not a kid; I’m an experienced boater. I know what I’m doing.
    Age and experience don’t float. They also are not good indicators of whether you would survive an unexpected fall overboard. On average about one half to two thirds of Florida’s annual boating fatalities are men over the age of 30 with over 100 hours of experience on the water.
  3. It is just too hot out to wear something so bulky and uncomfortable! (Not to mention what it will do to my tan lines.)
    The availability of inflatable life jackets has made wearing a lifejacket more comfortable as they are less bulky and constrictive. An inflatable life jacket has twice the buoyancy of a traditional orange horseshoe life jacket and is less than half the size! The biggest problem with inflatable jackets is forgetting that you are wearing them in the first place.
  4. Who will notice if I wear a life jacket?
    Everyone will notice when you are not around because you didn’t wear it. Your children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews will follow the example you set whether it is good or bad. Make yourself a good example by practicing safe boating habits- WEAR IT.

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