Orlando Bicycle Accident Personal Injury Lawyers on Pedestrian Dangers

Best Orlando Bicycle Accident Personal Injury LawyersOrlando bicycle accident personal injury lawyers are seeing an increase in Florida bicycle accidents. Bicycle riders in Florida have the highest risk in the country of getting injured or killed in an accident, experts say.

In fact, according to Orlando Sentinal columnist David Whitley, bicycle accidents have killed 95 Floridians this year. Whitley cites a number of factors, similar to causes of car accidents and injuries in Florida. “In Florida, it’s a combination of elderly drivers, tourists unfamiliar with roads, a relatively densely packed population,” he says.

Safety advocates at Alert Today Florida work toward more awareness to reduce accidents. Orlando bicycle accident personal injury lawyers would see fewer tragedies if we all worked together to reduce bicycle accidents and increase pedestrian safety.


Orlando Bicycle Accident Personal Injury Lawyers help Recover Losses

As the Orlando Sentinel reports, officials are stepping up safety efforts. The University of Florida has given a $55,000 grant to the city to improve safety for cyclists and pedestrians. To begin with, the city is spending the money on “High Visibility Enforcement” efforts. In other words, a very public crackdown on bad driving habits that cause pedestrian and bicycle accidents. Basically, it comes down to city cops working overtime handing out tickets and educational materials to errant drivers. According to the Sentinel, the dragnets will be at the following locations:

  • Core downtown: Hughey Avenue/Summerlin Avenue/Anderson Street/Colonial Drive;
  • South Semoran Boulevard from State Road 408 to Curry Ford Road;
  • Orange Blossom Trail from Colonial Drive to Gore Street;
  • Colonial Drive from John Young Parkway to Bennett Road.


Accidents can be devastating, but there are laws that can help you. Orlando bicycle or pedestrian accidents victims can retain personal injury lawyers to help recover losses. Sometimes, accident victims get stuck with high medical bills and lose money by missing work. If you have been hurt through negligence, you’ll want the best personal injury lawyer in Orlando.

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