Orlando Auto Accident Lawyers Remind Drivers to Move Over

Orlando auto accident attorneysOnce again, Orlando auto accident lawyers are reminding motorists to watch out for roadside service and emergency vehicles. January is “Move Over” month, an awareness campaign designed to help protect those dealing with motorists on the side of busy highways. Florida is one of the many states that mandate such public awareness campaigns.

According to the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (FLHSMV), “Florida law requires you to Move Over a lane when you can safely do so. This applies to stopped law enforcement, emergency, sanitation, utility service vehicles and tow trucks or wreckers.” There were 231 Florida car accidents involving vehicles stopped by the side of the road in 2018, seriously injuring six people. Notably, 29 of the car accidents were in Orange County.

A nationwide safety awareness effort, Move Over America, emphasizes the danger to law enforcement, noting that roadside crashes have killed more than 200 police officers.

Law enforcement has been backing up the awareness campaign by issuing citations, almost 17,000 statewide. Specifically, police handed out 600 tickets in Orange County to drivers who violated the law. In Osceola County, police cited 322 drivers and in Polk County, more than 1,200 drivers received tickets. Furthermore, violators will pay the price; fines up to $161 and three points on their driver’s licenses.

Orlando Auto Accident Lawyers Help Injured Crash Victims

Basically, failing to move over for law enforcement, first responders and highway service vehicles is a form of negligence. Driver negligence and carelessness cause car accidents and accidents cause harm. Car accident victims can face difficulties recovering losses and medical expenses. If a car accident or other injury upends your life, you’ll want the best Orlando auto accident lawyers you can get. Consider the Orlando personal injury attorneys at Martinez Manglardi, PA. For more than 30 years, our team of experienced trial attorneys has been helping clients get compensation.

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