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Orlando accidentAccident Lawyers and personal injury attorneys are filing more lawsuits on behalf of injured distracted driving accident victims. These types of car accidents are on the rise in Central Florida. “In 2017, Orange County had the most fatalities that resulted from driving while distracted crashes of any county in Florida,” according to ValuePenguin. “Furthermore, Orange County also had the highest rate of distracted motoring crashes relative to its number of registered vehicles.”

There were nearly 7,000 accidents in the greater Orlando area last year, an increase of almost 15 percent over the previous year. Florida’s lax distracted driving laws contribute to the problem. It is not illegal to talk on a cell phone when behind the wheel. In Florida, texting while driving is only a secondary offense. Basically, police are not allowed to pull you over if texting is the only violation they observe. (Although that may soon change.

Distracted Dri=ving and Orlando Accidents

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So far, Orlando accident lawyers say, cell phone manufacturers have been able to avoid liability in distracted driving accident lawsuits. Apple, the maker of the iPhone, has long realized the dangers of driving while using its product. As watchdog site FairWarning reports, Apple realized early on those laws against texting and talking behind the wheel would have limited effect. More than ten years ago, the company developed a way to block cell phone use by drivers. But Apple never implemented the technology and has been sued because of it. The company has had little trouble in defeating these product liability lawsuits.

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