Driving High Car Accidents

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Orlando accident lawyers may be working to recover losses for more people hurt Florida car crashes involving marijuana. Personal injury attorneys are familiar with helping victims of alcohol-related auto accidents. But driving while stoned victims are likely to be on the increase. And it may not be because there are more drivers getting behind the wheel and crashing their cars after a few tokes.

There have been reports that driving while stoned car accidents have increased where states relaxed marijuana laws. But other studies suggest that may be because of increased awareness on the part of the police, rather than higher rates of high drivers. The Washington Post reported on two studies that came out at the same time, with opposite conclusions.

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, (IIHS) says the Post, concluded that there was a small but significant increase in car insurance accident claims after the legalization of marijuana. The American Journal of Public Health, (AJPH) on the other hand, reported that there was no increase in car accidents in states where the prohibition on pot was lifted. (The IIHS studied car accident rates in Washington State and Colorado. The AJPH report included Washington, Colorado, and Oregon.) One explanation for the apparent contradiction was that the Insurance Institute looked at claims for damage from car collisions. But the health journal study focused on car accident fatalities.

Florida Ad Campaign

Either way, the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles wants to send a message. The state mandated the ad campaign as a condition of the recent legalization of medical marijuana. The message: while it may be okay to indulge in medical cannabis, police will not tolerate driving while stoned.

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