Orlando Accident Lawyer on Road Rage Car Crashes

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Orlando accident lawyer Martinez Manglardi PA says it was a road rage accident waiting to happen.

Florida police are on the lookout for have arrested the driver of a Silver Mazda hatchback that had a literal run-in with a motorcycle. Police describe the incident in Sarasota as a road rage accident. And given the motorists involved it seems like a perfect description.

Another traveler captured the roadway altercation on video from a safe distance.  In the video, the rider of the motorcycle is traveling alongside the car on a busy street. According to the Herald Tribune, the motorcycle rider said that someone in the car had thrown coins out the window, which struck him — and his motorcycle. He said that there was damage to his helmet and to his bike. So he wanted to get the Mazda driver’s attention. He wanted to let the driver know that he took a dim view of being pelted with coins of the realm.

Watching the video, it appears that the motorcycle rider was pretty intent on communicating his feelings. He is seen gesturing for the driver of the Mazda to pull over. The driver was apparently all too happy to do so. The Mazda swerved abruptly to the right, forcing the motorcycle off the road and into a utility pole. The rider survived the motorcycle crash with bruises and broken bones. The driver of the car went his merry (or angry) way.

Initial reports noted that the motorcyclist “has an extensive history of traffic violations that include speeding, careless driving, leaving the scene of an accident without giving information, operating a motorcycle between lanes, failure to stop at a red light, following too closely, and other violations dating back over 10 years. His criminal charges involved theft in 2008 and 2011 and he was charged with burglary with assault in 2003. His recent brushes with law enforcement were for traffic-related incidents.”

So, at this point, it’s hard to feel sorry for the biker, like maybe he had it coming. One assumes he has a good lawyer.


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But that all changed the next day when Sarasota County Sheriff’s deputies arrested the driver of the Mazda. It turns that the reason he was so eager to leave the scene of an accident is that he is an illegal immigrant. The 30-year-old Salvadoran man doesn’t have a driver’s license. Police charged him with operating a motor vehicle without a valid license and aggravated battery. Police also say the man was eager to hide his involvement and had destroyed evidence.

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