Orlando Accident Injury Lawyers and Distracted Drivers

Orlando accident injury lawyers

Orlando accident injury lawyers are seeing more and more distracted driving cases. Orange County leads Florida in the number of distracted driving accidents. And the number of people injured in car accidents because of such negligence is steadily increasing. The most recent statistics show that hundreds of thousands of people were injured and nearly 3,500 were killed in auto crashes because someone was not paying attention behind the wheel.

“Distracted driving is extremely risky behavior that not only puts drivers and passengers in danger but others out on the road as well,” Florida Highway Patrol Director Col. Gene S. Spaulding told News4Jax. “Focused attention on driving increases your reaction time to dangerous driving situations, helps to prevent crashes and saves lives.”

The careless and negligent driving habit continues despite numerous safety campaigns. A lack of action from Florida lawmakers is also frustrating safety advocates. Highway safety groups have been pushing for legislators to make distracted driving a primary offense, but their efforts have failed. Behavior like texting while driving remains a secondary violation in Florida. This means that police cannot pull a driver over for that offense alone.


Technology Fixes Lag

Efforts by automakers and telecom providers are unlikely to decrease the number of careless driving cases Orlando accident injury lawyers handle. New cars come packed with electronic distractions designed for communication and navigation.  Smartphone makers have tried to supply safer alternatives. But a new study by AAA says that these attempts are falling short.  Android Auto by Google and CarPlay by Apple apps are supposed to help drivers stay focused on the road. But the AAA study says they still draw attention from safe driving habits.

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