Orlando Accident Attorneys Note Rise in Deaths from Injuries

Orlando accident attorneysOrlando accident attorneys say deaths from accidental injury are increasing in America. Journalists Resource reports on a study from JAMA Surgery  that says “injury remains one of the leading causes of death among Americans.”

According to the report, injuries are the leading cause of death for people under 44, and the third leading overall reason for death.  Nationally, personal injury kills 214,000 people a year, or one person every three minutes. Other data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reveals that nearly 3 million elderly people are treated at emergency rooms every year for injuries from falls. Emergency rooms treat more than 2 million Americans every year for car accident injuries. Car accident injuries hospitalize about 200,000 people a year.

Orlando Accident Attorneys and Florida Injuries

All in all, injuries from accidents in Florida mirror national trends; they also lead the death toll for Floridians up to age 44. Slip and fall accidents and injuries take a big toll among the elderly in Florida, with adults over 85 having the highest injury rates. Nearly 10,000 people in Florida die from accidental injuries every year. More than 100,000 Florida residents are injured every year from accidents.

Generally, Orlando accident attorneys deal with personal injury resulting from falls and car accidents. Falls cause the majority of accidental injuries in Central Florida, followed by car accident injuries. Florida safety officials advise residents to follow common sense safety prevention measures like removing tripping hazards. They also stress the importance of following traffic laws and refraining from texting and driving.


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