Orlando Accident Attorney and Florida Workplace Injuries

Best Orlando accident attorneyOrlando accident attorney Martinez Manglardi, PA reminds workers to stay safe on the job after a series of Central Florida workplace accident injuries.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics  (BLS) reports that accidents on the job killed 309 workers in Florida in 2016. Across the country, workplace accidents took the lives of more than 5,000 people. In Florida, transportation accidents caused 105 worker deaths, more than a third of occupational deaths.  Slip and fall accidents killed 64 workers. However, BLS doesn’t specify exactly what a transportation accident is. They do note that heavy truck accidents and tractor-trailer crashes accounted for a significant portion.  So transportation accidents involve truck crashes on the highway and workers killed while driving a car or pickup truck.  All in all, construction is the occupation most likely to lead a worker to start looking for the best Orlando accident attorney. 

The BLS also reports that most workplace accident deaths — transportation-related and otherwise — occur in the construction industry. According to the statistics, roofers accounted for a lot of workplace deaths.


Orlando Accident Attorneys on the Worker’s Side

Recently, there have been several workplace accidents around Central Florida. A truck accident claimed the life of a worker at the Margaritaville Resort in Kissimmee.  A worker’s truck slipped into a retention pond at a construction area, killing the driver. An Orange County truck accident led to injuries for a worker at a site on Orange Blossom Trail. And authorities recently released 911 calls made when two workers were killed in a scaffold collapse at a construction site near DisneyWorld.

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