Ocala Motorcycle Accident Lawyers Urge Safety and Caution

yield sign watch for motorcyclesOcala Motorcycle Accident Lawyers Martinez Manglardi PA are urging motorists to be extra careful after a recent motorcycle accident in Ocala. According to the Florida Highway Patrol (FHP), two motorcyclists from Italy were run over by a semi-tractor trailer on I-75 North recently. Ocala Police say that the two motorcycles were riding ahead and to the right of the truck on the interstate. When one cyclist tried to slow down for traffic, he lost control of his motorcycle and went down, sliding into the path of the tractor-trailer. His companion did the same when trying to avoid the accident. Police say that a third vehicle struck the semi. The accident injured neither the driver of the truck nor of the car, and police filed no charges.

Another Ocala motorcycle accident killed a 28-year-old man when his motorcycle hit a pickup truck near Marion Oaks Manor on Route 484. According to police, the motorcycle was “traveling at a high rate of speed.” Both vehicles caught fire. Authorities pronounced the cyclist dead at the scene. The accident slightly injured the pickup truck driver. Ocala Motorcycle Accident Lawyers say the accidents underscore the need for heightened safety awareness for both drivers and riders. The motorcycle operator was a young man who left a wife and child behind. Friends have set up a fundraiser.

Ocala Motorcycle Accident Lawyers Can Help Injured Victims

According to the Governors Highway Safety Association, Florida leads the nation in fatal motorcycle accidents. Motorcycle accidents kill more than 500 people a year and injure more than 9,000 in the state. That translates to 20 percent of all traffic accident fatalities in Florida. Whether operating a bike or driving a car, remember that tragedy only takes a second to strike. So always remember to pay attention. If carelessness or negligence has turned your life upside down, an Ocala personal injury lawyer can help you recover your losses. Call 407-846-2240 for a free consultation at one of our convenient Central Florida locations.

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