Ocala Motorcycle Accident Lawyer: Look Twice for Motorcycles

Best Ocala Motorcycle Accident LawyerOcala Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Martinez Manglardi PA joins the Ocala Police Department (OPD) in asking drivers to look twice for bikers. With motorcycle accidents and car accidents in Ocala on the rise, Ocala’s public safety and law enforcement are working to promote awareness. In 2018, there were 59 vehicle accidents in Ocala. This year so far, there have been 47 car and motorcycle crashes. So police are putting a $27,000 traffic safety grant to good use. The money will be used mostly for overtime pay so officers can patrol dangerous areas more often. Law enforcement will be paying special attention to Ocala car and motorcycle accident hot spots US 441/301, State Route 464, State Route 200 and  State Route 40.

OPD Traffic Unit Sgt. Eric Hooper says the goal is to prevent accidents in Ocala.  “Our goal is not to come out here and try to raise revenue from citations,” he told The Ocala Star-Banner.  “It’s, more importantly, educating the public on the right and the wrong of motorcycle riding,” he said.



Ocala Motorcycle Accident Lawyer: Look Twice for Motorcycles


As any good accident lawyer can tell you, speed is the number one factor in many car and motorcycle accidents.  The faster a car or motorcycle is traveling, the more likely an accident. Speed increases not only the chances of an accident but also the odds of fatalities and serious injuries. All too often, lives, health and property are ruined in an instant because of reckless speeding. For example, Ocala police recently released a report determining that speeding caused a fatal motorcycle accident in Ocala. Police say the motorcycle was traveling at 60 miles per hour — twice the speed limit — when it crashed.

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