Ocala Accident Lawyers: How Not to Get Hit by a Car

Best Ocala Accident LawyerOcala Accident Lawyers Martinez Manglardi PA want kids to avoid accidents and injuries this summer. Ocala car accidents account for most of the pedestrian injuries and deaths in Marion County. Last year there were more than 6,000 motor vehicle accidents in the county, injuring more than 3,000 people and killing 84. Safe Kids Marion County is working to make Ocala’s roads safer for children. Led by the Florida Department of Health, the Marion County Chapter of SafeKids.Org administers programs to help parents prevent accidents and injuries to children. They run workshops and clinics and provide community services such as car seat check-ups.

Ocala Accident Lawyers are helping to promote SafeKids’ agenda, highlighting ways for children to avoid being hit by a car. According to a science journal report, getting hit by a car is the third leading cause of death for kids 5- to 9-years-old.  One of the main reasons for these tragic pedestrian accidents may be that children just don’t see cars coming at them. “The ability to see and avoid looming objects is a fundamental skill, crucial to survival not only for humans but for most animals,” the report says. “We take it for granted because we do it automatically, but it’s actually a complex skill, requiring a rapid calculation of size and distance and velocity.  New evidence is now showing that kids’ perceptual abilities are slow to develop, making them less adept at this crucial calculation.”



Ocala Accident Lawyers Can Help Accident Victims

SafeKids.Org lists seven common mistakes to avoid getting hit by a car while walking.

  1. Walking while distracted by a phone or headphones.
  2. Crossing in the middle of the block.
  3. Walking at night in dark clothes.
  4. Not watching out for careless drivers.
  5. Walking in the road.
  6. Not watching out for cars that are backing up
  7. Not looking out for the second car.

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