4 Most Dangerous Roads in Florida

Dangerous Roads

Four interstates in Florida made the top ten list of the most dangerous roads in America in a recent study. According to researchers, Interstate 4, which runs across Central Florida, was named the most dangerous roadway in the country once again.

And I-4 was the only highway on the list with a death rate of more than one per mile. According to the report, traffic deaths occurred more frequently on I-4 during the month of March in the early hours of Sunday morning. The traffic safety site DangerousRoads.org notes that I-4 car crashes have killed hundreds of drivers over the years. The most dangerous sections are in the greater Orlando area.

Most Dangerous Roads in Florida

Florida’s I-4, often called the most dangerous highway in the nation, is perpetually under construction. Highway improvement construction managers do everything they can to try to prevent accidents and injuries, but it’s a massive project with a lot of traffic. Every day, more than 150,000 cars speed through the obstacle course.

I-4 continues to make the list of the most dangerous roads in America partly because of the volatile mix in the types of traffic that use it. Local commuters trying to get to work, lumbering RV’s, delivery trucks, buses, and tourists from all over the world who don’t know where they are going or how to get there. Add perpetual construction and a high speed limit and you have the deadly recipe.

Most Dangerous Roads, Too Many Car Crashes

The next most dangerous roads in Florida are Route 192 in Kissimmee, Route 92 in Tampa, and I-95 in Jacksonville. PostivelyOsceola.com reports that car accidents on Kissimmee’s Route 192 claim about 10 lives every year. That highway’s most dangerous section is between Four Corners and Indialantic. According to the Tampa Bay Times, there are plenty of roads in Hillborough County that are just as dangerous as Route 92. First Coast News says the most dangerous sections of I-95 in Jacksonville are near Lem Turner Road, the section near Kings Road, and Forest Street near Emerson Street. Those three stretches claimed five lives in more than 375 car accidents.

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