Jury Awards $20 Million in Medical Malpractice Case

malpractice caseA Minneapolis jury has awarded a malpractice judgment of more than $20 million to the family of a woman who died from a blood infection days after giving birth. Nicole Bermingham, 30 years old, died in 2013 of sepsis after her son was born and she was discharged from the hospital. Her family sued the emergency room physicians group and a nurse practitioner who worked at the hospital.

The family contends that the nurse practitioner missed lab results that showed that Bermingham had contracted sepsis. They say the new mother returned to the emergency room within 12 hours feeling nauseous and with a fever. Doctors diagnosed Bermingham, an orthopedic physician assistant, with severe sepsis and recorded that she was critically ill. In addition to administering antibiotics, doctors performed a total hysterectomy to try to stop the infection. They were unsuccessful, and Bermingham died two days later.

Leading Factor in Malpractice Case

Sepsis occurs when the body’s response to an infection becomes overwhelming and life-threatening, spreading toxins that damage internal organs. Bermingham’s lawyers say that she showed “classic signs of sepsis,” including chills and a fever of over 101 degrees, as well as nausea and pain. The lawsuit contends that the nurse practitioner misread lab results. They say the nurse diagnosed Bermingham as having a urinary tract infection, even though results showed no signs of bacteria in her urine.

Studies show that sepsis is the leading cause of mortality in America’s hospitals, responsible for one in three hospital deaths. It is also a leading cause of medical malpractice claims involving hospital patients.

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