Kissimmee Car Accident Lawyer Notes Road Building Measure

Kissimmee Car accident lawyerKissimmee Car Accident Lawyer Martinez Manglardi PA is reminding Osceola County drivers to vote on a proposal to pay for road and mass transit improvements by adding a penny to the sales tax.  As Rachel Christian reports in the Osceola News-Gazette, county planners are trying to deal with explosive growth.

Of course, residents are already grappling with traffic congestion and strains on mass transit. University of Florida researchers say that by 2040, the population of Osceola County could double. Accordingly, county administrators say that it will likely cost more than a $1 billion to keep pace with new, wider roads and improved public transit systems.

According to Florida’s Integrated Report Exchange System (FIRES), Kissimmee car accident lawyers keep busy with more than 4,000 car accidents a year, resulting in about 30 auto accident deaths and nearly 3,500 car accident injuries.



Kissimmee Car Accident Lawyer Can Help Injured Crash Victims

Of course, any Kissimmee car accident lawyer can tell you how a robust transportation infrastructure program can reduce injuries from car crashes and motorcycle accidents. Also, engineers build roads with safety in mind to help prevent pedestrian and bicycle accident injuries. So if you drive Osceola County roads, vote for safer transportation. Voting is easy. For example, early voting takes place May 13-19. In addition, you can vote by mail. Election day is May 21 at these polling places.


“Should transportation facilities and services be funded throughout Osceola County, including projects that improve roads and bridges, expand public transit options, fix potholes, enhance bus services, relieve rush hour bottlenecks, improve intersections, and make walking and biking safer by levying a one-cent sales surtax for 30 years?”


Viviana Janer, vice chair, Osceola County Commission, urges voters to support the measure. “The resolution specifies that 25% of the sales tax proceeds would be dedicated to public transportation and 75% would be allocated toward roads, sidewalks, trails and other transit improvements,” she said. In other words, “a yes vote will address Osceola County’s $1.1 billion road-building backlog. Consequently, by creating dedicated funding, a no vote is a vote to continue gridlock in the fastest-growing county in our region.”

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