Bad Directions: GPS Car Accidents


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In one of the most horrible Florida car accidents attorneys and officials are dealing with, a British family of four was killed recently in Titusville. The group had been visiting Central Florida from Bristol, England.  Their car crashed on the way back from visiting the Kennedy Space Center. The family was staying in Davenport, a community outside Orlando that is popular with British tourists visiting Florida.

Not surprisingly, the driver of the car was using GPS to get around. Authorities say that the device had told him to make a U-turn to avoid traffic from a car accident on the route ahead. That turn put their compact rental car in the path of a heavy duty Ford F-250 pickup truck.  According to the Independent, Deputy Chief  Todd Hutchinson of the Titusville, Florida Police Department said that “The GPS had indicated for them to make a U-turn at that intersection which was an illegal U-turn unfortunately and violated the right of way of the pick-up truck.”  First responders arrived at the scene of the car accident within minutes, but there was little they could do for the accident victims. Hutchinson said that all four members of the family died almost instantly.


Other GPS Car Accidents Attorneys Deal With

Among other GPS car accidents attorneys have dealt with are:

  • A Chicago man drove off a bridge that was closed.
  • A man in New Jersey who caused a four-car accident by making a GPS directed left turn.
  • And, in a woman hit by a car while walking on a busy road hired a personal injury lawyer to sue Google Maps for giving her a bum steer.

GPS devices and Google Maps can be very useful in tourist destinations like Florida. But they can also turn deadly when used to distraction or followed without common sense. Ultimately, drivers have a responsibility to use these tools wisely. If you have suffered personal injury from accident negligence anywhere in Florida there is help. Contact the Orlando car accident attorneys at Martinez Mangalrdi. Call 407-846-2240 for a free consultation.


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