What Good are Car Accident Lawyers?

 Good car accident lawyers Orlando

“Injured in a car accident?” You see those ads in Orlando and all over Central Florida.  Personal injury lawyers advertise on billboards, at bus stops, and on television. Auto accident attorneys urge you to call for a free consultation if you’ve been hurt in a car crash. The reason, of course, why you can’t go anywhere in Orlando without seeing an ad for car crash lawyers, is because there are plenty of car and truck collisions in Central Florida every day.

But if everyone has insurance, car insurance and medical insurance, why would you be looking for a good car accident attorney? One reason is that insurance companies like to collect premiums a lot more than they like to pay out claims. There are limits to coverage. And medical insurance is loaded with limits and deductibles.  If you’ve been injured in a car accident, the insurance company for the person who caused the collision would love to have you sign some papers, cut you a small check and be done with it.


The Need for Good Car Accident Lawyers

But car accident injuries can be disastrous. What if your injury causes a disability? You have a head injury, traumatic brain injury, or you lose an arm or a leg. Or you become paralyzed. You may miss a lot of work, or you may not be able to work at all. Injuries like whiplash, neck sprains or herniated disks may not show up for days. It may be weeks or months after you’ve signed forms and settled your claim.

A good accident lawyer has seen it all before and knows what problems car accident victims may encounter. Once you’ve talked to good car accident lawyers, one will be able to answer your questions and guide you through the process. And, importantly, a good lawyer knows how to deal with insurance companies. Even more importantly, a good personal injury lawyer knows how to protect your rights and help you recover your losses in a court of law.

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