2 Big Statistics About Florida Motorcycle Accidents

Statistics about Florida motorcycle accidents continue to tell a grim tale. While bikes account for a tiny fraction of overall registered vehicles in the state and an even tinier fraction of the vehicle miles traveled annually, biker accidents contribute a disproportionate percentage of Florida’s traffic fatalities. With 8,000 motorcycle accidents a year, Florida continually ranks in the top three states in the nation for cycle-related fatalities.

Florida Motorcycle Accidents Statistics

RideApart.com, a motorcycle enthusiast website, gives some guidance for cycle drivers. An automobile turning left in front of you while you are riding is one of the most typical hazards. The majority of motorists navigate by keeping an eye out for other passenger vehicles, which contributes to the problem. Simply put, if they are not watching out for motorcycles, they might not see them. Therefore, motorists must practice being mindful about sharing the road with motorcycles.

florida motorcycle accidents

According to statistics, the other driver is usually to blame for Florida motorcycle accidents, not the motorcyclist. Most of the time, the other driver was just unaware of the biker. This does not absolve them of accountability. You might be able to recoup your losses if a motorcycle accident has caused property damage or left you injured.

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