Florida Car Accident Lawyers Busy

Best orlando florida car accident lawyersIt’s been a dangerous month on Florida roads, which means car accident lawyers are busy helping injured accident victims recover their losses.

There are more than 1,000 car accidents every day in Florida. Every year, auto accidents kill nearly 3,000 people. Car crash injuries exceed 165,000 a year. There were 30,000 car accidents in Orange County alone last year. People turn to Florida car accident lawyers for help recovering losses. These generally include medical bills and missed days at work.


Recent Florida Transportation Accidents

Recent incidents include pedestrian fatalities, truck accidents, train crashes, and motorcycle accidents.

  • In Polk County, a two-car collision critically injured a driver. Police say speeding may have caused the accident.
  • motorcycle crash killed an 18-year-old Orlando man near the University of Central Florida.
  •  Police say that a man was walking in the center lane on Colonial Drive near Alafaya Trail in east Orange County when an eastbound car struck and killed him.
  • Peaches Dance and Music Studio in Orlando gained two new entrances when a driver lost control of a Dodge Ram and crashed straight through the glass walls of the business.
  • A car crashed through the wall of a home of an Orlando woman was eating breakfast, trapping her under a table.
  • Road rage caused a fatal crash in Sanford. Police say two drivers got into an argument. One driver chased the other, whose car crashed into a tree.
  • Near Altamonte Springs, a SunRail train crashed into a truck as the driver was trying to move it off the tracks., killing the driver.
  • A four-car accident in Osceola County claimed the life of a 69-year-old man who was killed in a head-on collision near Yeehaw Junction.
  • A car accident on Colonial Drive in Orlando killed a child and two adults.


It’s a reminder to be careful. Because it only takes a split second of inattention to cause a car accident that can injure or kill someone. If you find yourself looking for Florida car accident lawyers after an accident, contact Martinez Manglardi.

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