Florida Car Accident Lawyers Busiest Time are Summer Months

Florida car accident lawyersApril may be the cruelest month according to poets, but safety experts say that August takes the title – at least for American drivers.  A new report from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) says that August 2, is the day that most people are killed in car accidents.

The IIHS studied car accident deaths from 2012 to 2016. Car accidents killed nearly 172,000 people during the five year study period. August was the month in which the largest number of people, almost 16,000, died. To further narrow it down, experts say that the most deaths occurred on the date August 2. A total of 505 people killed in car accidents on that day. The next deadliest day for drivers was July 4, a day on which 495 died in car crashes during the study period.


Florida Car Accident Lawyers Help More Clients in Summer

Becca Weast, research scientist at IIHS, says that there are more car accidents in summer is because it’s vacation time. “In the summer, the weather is nice, people just are a little more reckless, a little less careful,” she said.  “People tend to be a little bit more on guard or more careful,” when risks like winter weather spur caution.  But car accident lawyers, at least Florida car accident lawyers, know conditions can make car accidents likely among vacationers.

Consider that a recent study ranked Orlando traffic as the worst in the country. Now add to that the fact that millions of tourists visit every year. These are drivers in unfamiliar rental cars, on unfamiliar roads, trying to navigate the I-4 Ultimate Improvement Project to get to places they’ve never been before.

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