Florida Car Accident Attorneys Note Increased Train Accident Cases

Orlando Florida Car accident attorneysFlorida car accident attorneys are taking notice of yet another Brightline train crash.  Recently, there have been a series of train accidents involving the Brightline, with a number of cars and pedestrians being struck by trains.

Brightline is a high-speed passenger train running from West Palm Beach to Miami.

The latest Brightline train crash happened at a railroad crossing in Hallandale. It appears from first responder’s Tweets that a driver made a hasty exit from a car stuck on the tracks. The car, a 2019 Toyota Scion iM, was totally destroyed in the accident, but no one was hurt. It turns out that the car’s driver, 65-year-old Margarita Hall, had turned on to the tracks by mistake. She thought she was turning onto a street.

Once she was on the tracks, she couldn’t get the car to move because the tires were stuck in the railroad ties. Hallandale Fire Chief Mark Ellis pointed out that the woman was smart to dial 911 right away. When the driver explained her situation, the 911 dispatcher told her that there was a train bearing down on her.

“She was smart, she called 911, explained to them what happened, and in the process was literally on the phone with the dispatcher saying that a train is coming,” Ellis told the Sun-Sentinel. “So, she got out of the car, left the car where it was and, of course, the train hit the car.”

The trains run at about 80 miles an hour on that stretch. When it hit Hall’s car, it pushed it about 500 feet down the tracks.

Florida Car Accident Attorneys and Train Crashes


Crews responded to Brightline train vs unoccupied vehicle at Pembroke Road and N Dixie Highway. No reported injuries. Single lanes blocked in both directions with minimal delays reported. #hbhere4u @MYHBeach @HallandaleBchPD

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