Top 5 Reasons to Call a Florida Accident Lawyer

Florida Accident lawyerGetting your life back on track after surviving a serious accident isn’t easy. One day you’re going about your business, driving to work or just walking down the street and suddenly there’s a loud noise and a lot of pain – because someone else was acting recklessly. Before you know what hit you, you’ve become an accident victim. Along with mending any physical injuries and dealing with the hurt, anxiety, and frustration of it all, you need to recover your losses. Getting whole again after a car accident — or any serious injury — can be difficult. If someone else’s carelessness or negligence is responsible for your injuries, you can get help from a personal injury attorney.

A Florida accident lawyer can provide legal representation and fight for your rights by filing a personal injury claim. Because insurance companies make a lot of money for themselves by paying out as little money as possible to you for your medical expenses, lost income and pain and suffering, it pays to have a professional on your side.

Top 5 Reasons to Call a Florida Accident Lawyer

  1. You pay nothing upfront. A personal injury attorney will generally work on a contingency fee. You will not have to pay any money to your attorney unless and until you win the case. You pay your attorney a percentage of the money you receive in a settlement for your personal injury claim. With a free case review, an accident lawyer can tell you right away if you have a good case.
  2. You don’t know what you don’t know. Recovering damages from an accident can be complicated and there are many rules that you must follow. For example, if you do not file a claim before the deadline, called the Statute of Limitations, you may not be able to recover any damages at all. In Florida, the statute of limitations is generally two to four years.
  3. Most accident cases are settled out of court before they go to trial. In fact, as many as 90% of lawsuits settle before going to trial and research suggests that’s good for plaintiffs. But, because insurance companies won’t want to go to trial against an experienced accident attorney, professional legal representation is associated with bigger settlements.
  4. Insurance companies like to settle quickly to get out of paying what they owe you. They want to keep you from understanding your rights and using laws designed to protect you. They have been known to approach accident victims in a friendly, informal manner, hoping to get you to say things that may weaken your case. An accident attorney knows how to deal with them and protect your rights.
  5. If you do wind up going to court, you are much, much better off with an attorney. Insurance company lawyers will use every trick in the book — and they know them all — to beat you in court.

Talk to an Experienced Personal Injury Lawyer

If a car accident—or any accident that was not your fault—injures you, don’t take chances with your personal injury claim. You may be facing huge medical expenses or disability and lost income. A Florida accident lawyer will protect your rights and work to get you the best settlement possible. You’ll want the best lawyer you can find. Consider the expert professional trial lawyers at Martinez Manglardi PA. We’ve been fighting for victims’ rights for more than 30 years. Call 407-846-2240 for a free case review. Convenient office locations throughout Central Florida for your free consultation.

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