Florida Accident Attorneys and Personal Injury Lawsuits


 Florida Accident AttorneysThe recent collapse of a bridge in Italy with its grim toll of dead and injured has focused attention on a similar accident in Florida. When it comes to getting justice, Florida accidents attorneys may be in a better position to help victims than the state’s criminal prosecution lawyers.

The Florida International University pedestrian walkway collapse killed six people and injured ten. The massive concrete and steel structure failed and fell onto a busy roadway five days after it opened. Accident lawyers for the victims have filed lawsuits to recover damages for losses. The first personal injury lawsuit in the accident involves a bicycle rider.  A car that was trying to avoid the bridge collapse knocked him off his bike. Lawyers are seeking damages in excess of $15,000 from the constructions companies involved. Personal injury attorneys are also seeking compensation for survivors of those killed in the accident through wrongful death lawsuits.

Florida accident attorneys, safety experts and government regulators have also been working to determine the cause of the accident. In addition to determining who was at fault, experts need to find ways of preventing future accidents.

Florida Accident Attorneys Pursue Different Law from Criminal Legal Action

While personal injury attorneys have been pressing negligence lawsuits to help victims recover damages, criminal prosecutors have held back. It turns out that the law may protect construction company owners and contractors from criminal charges.

“Whether the cracks should have led FIU and its contractors, FIGG Bridge Group and Munilla Construction Management, to ask for the road to be closed could matter a great deal in civil court, as victims and their families sue for damages,” reports the Miami Herald, “But building a criminal case such as manslaughter is another matter entirely.”

The paper states that Florida law requires a rather high burden of proof in construction accidents. State statutes require demonstrating “reckless disregard for human life”.  Prosecutors must prove that or “grossly careless disregard for the safety and welfare of the public”.  Legal experts say that’s a difficult legal hurdle.

So it appears that it’s up to Florida car accident attorneys and personal injury lawyers to hold construction companies liable for negligence. If you need help recovering from losses due to injuries in an accident caused by negligence, consider the car accident attorneys at Martinez Manglardi, PA. We’ve been helping personal injury victims get justice for more than 30 years.

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