Central Florida Personal Injury Attorneys and Accident Videos

SigCentral Florida Personal Injury Attorneysnal 30 is a 1959 driver education film that took a direct approach to car accident prevention. In an effort to draw the attention of new drivers, the Ohio State Highway Patrol shared their experiences in freeway carnage. The YouTube video comes with a warning:

CONTENT ADVISORY: Many disturbing scenes of violent deaths and accident scenes; cries of crash victims on soundtrack. Historical driving safety film featuring numerous genuine scenes of wrecked cars and injured / dead people.

And they were not kidding. It’s an unvarnished documentary look at the often brutal consequences of car accidents. (Thanks to I-4’s standing as the most deadly highway in the nation, the best Central Florida personal injury attorneys are all too familiar with the casualties.) In any event, the film was sort of a scared-straight attempt to cut down on deadly car accidents.


Central Florida Personal Injury Attorneys and Workplace Accidents

The Florida Safety Council, an Orlando non-profit, once took the same grim approach when it comes to videos about workplace accidents. In 1998, the safety advocate group distributed “The Most Savage Safety Video on Planet Earth,” according to one critic.

“More like a workplace snuff film,” said another. “In less than five minutes, over a dozen workplace accidents are shown in gruesome, bloody detail. Fingers and arms are ripped off, body parts are crushed, eyes are poked out, and I think towards the end one guy sets off an atomic bomb or something.”


The Florida Safety Council actually began as the Orange County Citizens Safety Council in 1953. The group began as an effort to cut down on the number of car accidents in the growing Orlando area. It has since grown to encompass all areas of safety. They work to prevent accidents and injuries on the road, in the home as well as in the workplace.


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