Central Florida Injury Attorneys and Car Accidents on the Grid

Central Florida Injury Attorneys

Central Florida injury attorneys are looking at new wrinkles in coming car accident lawsuits. Personal injury lawyers will be working with new sources of information: the electronic records of the vehicles in a car crash. Cars are becoming another app connected to the internet of things.

There is more information for car accident lawyers — and for insurance companies.

People suing to recover losses from car accident injuries may come across vital information. If a car hits you in a crosswalk, a series of computers may hold details such as stoplight disposition and vehicle speed. If your car gets hit in an accident, there will be information about whether distracted driving caused your car crash.


Central Florida Injury Attorneys and Connected-Car Accidents

Eventually, car accident lawyers in Orlando and throughout Central Florida will have access to a trove of information. New cars may have accident sensors at various places around the car. Computers may store information about driver behavior and vehicle maintenance.

In the end, certainly, connected-car technology designers are aiming to make driving safer. The idea is that vehicles that are communicating with each other can help drivers avoid accidents. The information that the car’s computers collect will change how insurance companies process claims. Accordingly, personal injury attorneys will change how they deal with insurance companies.

As a matter of fact, change is overdue; according to the National Underwriter Property and Casualty organization, the current car accident insurance claim process is inefficient. “The process is passive at the outset. It depends first on the policyholder — amid the stress that follows an auto accident—to contact the insurer and initiate a claim,” says the underwriter. “This is the first of many steps that include vehicle inspection, damage estimation, repair and often haggling over liability allocation — a messy, unpredictable progression that can add incrementally to the customer’s stress and the insurer’s expenses.”

The insurer says that, in the future, all kinds of data may be collected and reported automatically: “Two cars collide, and upon impact, one vehicle’s onboard sensors and computers begin gathering critical information, reaching back to the seconds before the crash and blending those data points into a digital narrative of the event. Throttle and braking inputs; changes in the car’s direction, orientation and speed; points of impact; deployment of airbags — all this and more begins to guide the response.”

Car Accident Attorneys Represent Your Views

Of course, insurance companies will have their own interpretation of events. When you’ve been in a car accident in Orlando, you’ll want the best Central Florida injury attorneys to represent your interpretation. The personal injury attorneys at Martinez Manglardi,PA have been helping accident victims recover losses for more than 30 years. To schedule a free consultation at one of our convenient Central Florida locations, call 407-846-2240.



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