Orlando Car Accident Attorneys: Top 10 Dangerous Vehicles

EngineersOrlando car accident attorneys The best Orlando car accident attorneys know that driver carelessness causes most auto collisions. Personal injury lawyers generally recover losses for injured victims by proving that a car accident happened because another driver was negligent. Someone was driving while distracted, or running a light or stop sign while texting. Or a drunk driver gets behind the wheel at closing time.

But a lot of injuries from car accidents could be less severe — and we could save lives — if manufacturers made safer cars. Car makers have made a lot of progress since the early days of auto manufacturing. Decades ago, cars did not come with seat belts, let alone airbags. Dashboards were metal, and broken windshields meant sharp, shattered glass.

Some of the biggest changes in auto safety resulted from the study of impact absorption. When manufacturers started designing cars to distribute the force of a crash, they saved a lot of lives. (And prevented a lot of car accident injuries.) Engineers now design cars with so-called “crumple zones.” When hit head-on, the frame and fenders give way more easily and absorb the impact. Engineers design seat belts and headrests not just to restrain a driver or passenger, but to direct the energy of the crash to minimize injury.

What Happens in a Car Accident

Some auto manufacturers do a better job of designing with safety in mind.  The top ten most dangerous cars in America listed by 247wallst.com says the Dodge Neon, manufactured between 2000 and 2005 is the worst. The Neon had one of the highest rates of driver deaths of any car at the time. (It came number two in the video below.) Other models that are not good in a car accident are the Nissan Sentra, Pontiac Grand Am, and some KIA’s.

You can see by watching the video that they didn’t build these cars to protect passengers in an accident.

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