Car Accident Lawyers in Kissimmee Cite Traffic Safety Concerns

Car accident lawyers in Kissimmee note that dangerous driving conditions have increased because of road construction. News 6 Orlando recently reported on growing frustration and worry in neighborhoods affected by the Kissimmee Lakefront Park Redevelopment Project. The project, a few blocks from the offices of Kissimmee car accident lawyer Martinez Manglardi PA, is in its last phase.

For the most part, the latest concerns are a result of a traffic detour during construction. With Lake Shore Boulevard closed, authorities are redirecting motorists onto Tohopekaliga Avenue. But it’s slow going, sending harried drivers looking for shortcuts. Looking for a shorter route to Neptune Road, the next thorofare, drivers cut through side streets in normally quiet neighborhoods.

Residents of Oleander Lane and Jacaranda Lane, for example, told News 6 that drivers speed through the neighborhood. They say that the drivers ignore signs saying “No Through Traffic,” often ignoring Stop signs. Area resident Sasha Peace told News 6 that there’s been one accident already, when a car hit a basketball post. “I heard like a bang out front,” Peace said. “I walked out front to get in my car and noticed that our basketball hoop was actually laying down in the middle of the street and had been hit by another vehicle.”


Kissimmee Car Accident Lawyers Urge Safe Driving


best car accident lawyers kissimmeePace told reporters that the situation is a safety hazard. “It’s very frustrating as a parent,” she said. “I’m scared that my son is going to get hit by a car. Like, that’s our biggest fear.”

Kissimmee Police are reminding drivers the fine for using the neighborhood as a shortcut is $160 and three points on their license. “I just want to make it clear this is a dangerous situation,” Kissimmee Police Spokesperson Bailey Myers said. “We are talking about a construction zone. We are talking about an area that is prohibited, other than for those who live in that area.”

Unfortunately, steady growth in Kissimmee comes with an increase in car accidents and injuries. Since Kissimmee car accident lawyers Martinez Manglardi PA opened their offices at 903 North Main Street, they have been serving more and more clients as Kissimmee car accidents increase. If you’ve been in a Kissimmee car accident, you’ll want the best car accident lawyers in Kissimmee.

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