Rapper Injured in Florida Car Accident Lawyers Up to Recover Damages


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If you’re going to live life in the fast lane, you might find yourself looking for a good car accident lawyer. Rapper Ca$ino Roulette, who was seriously injured in a South Florida car accident recently, has hired a personal injury attorney. Roulette was a passenger in a car with his friend, Lil Scrappy, in the wee hours of the morning when their car apparently crashed into a telephone pole.

When police happened upon the scene, Scrappy and Roulette were lying on the ground outside the car wreck. Neither could immediately recall how they got there. (The two had just left a famous Miami strip club.) Scrappy theorized that Roulette was driving and must have fallen asleep at the wheel. However, according to the entertainment tabloid TMZ, police later determined that Scrappy himself had been behind the wheel when the car crashed.

Police found no evidence of drugs or alcohol. Since there were no other vehicles involved in the car accident, police didn’t file criminal charges. Nonetheless, Roulette has hired a car accident lawyer. He has filed a personal injury lawsuit against Scrappy to recover losses, medical expenses, and compensation for pain and suffering. Roulette charges that his friend Scrappy was negligent and reckless. (Scrappy says he has no recollection of such careless driving.)

Florida Car Accident Lawyer to Recoup Losses

Roulette hired a lawyer because he suffered extensive injuries. The rapper reportedly suffered from “broken ribs, concussion, bruised lungs, liver, and kidneys.”


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