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Car accident injury claim

According to Forbes Advisor, head and neck injuries are among the most common car accident injury claims. Car accident injuries to the head and neck sometimes involve concussions, traumatic brain damage, and whiplash. Numerous other symptoms, such as exhaustion, memory issues, mood swings, blurred vision, numbness, soreness, headaches, and difficulties focusing, can accompany concussions and traumatic brain injuries.

These injuries may have long-lasting effects, but symptoms may not appear for some time. This is partly due to a physiological response to trauma. As a protective action, the body can release adrenaline and endorphins which can reduce the stress response and mask pain signals to the brain. Delayed symptoms of whiplash, for example, might include discomfort, muscle spasms, numbness or tingling, and a lack of head or neck movement that you might not feel for days or weeks after you’ve filed your car accident injury claim.

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Get a Lawyer for Car Accident Injury Claims

Why would you be looking for a good car accident lawyer if everyone has insurance—vehicle insurance and medical insurance—in the first place? One explanation is that insurance firms prefer collecting premiums to settling claims. They limit coverage and have high deductibles. The insurance provider for the driver responsible for the car crash would love to have you sign some paperwork, give you a modest check, and be done with it. That’s often the way it goes because most people don’t deal with car accident injury claims every day. Most people are fortunate enough to experience only one or two major car accidents in their lifetime.

Auto accident attorneys, on the other hand, do deal with car accident injury claims every day. Lots of them. So they know which types of injuries are likely to have delayed symptoms, which injuries may require long-term care, and which injuries need specialized treatment. They also know all the ways that insurance companies try to get out of paying you the settlement you deserve.

A good personal injury attorney can help you win your car accident injury claims so you can recover your medical expenses and other losses like missed work or property damage. Talk to an Orlando Car Accident Attorney with the Martinez Manglardi Personal Injury Law Firm. For a FREE CONSULTATION, call 866-730-3513 today.

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