Back to School Safety Advice from Orlando Car Accident Attorneys

orlando car accident attorneyWith Florida being one of the most pedestrian accident-prone states, it’s no wonder that Orlando car accident attorneys spend a lot of time helping accident victims recover losses. According to the non-profit safety group Smart Growth America, eight out of the ten most dangerous cities in the country for pedestrians is in Florida.

Now that Central Florida students are returning to school, there will be more children in harm’s way. Any car accident is a difficult experience, and some accidents are horrendous. But car accidents involving the death or injury of a child is especially heartbreaking. So it’s especially worthwhile to pay attention to the back-to-school safety programs presented in Florida as summer vacation ends. There is plenty of information available about how to prevent accidents and injuries around school buses, and authorities off refresher tips about crosswalk safety. Best Foot Forward Orlando alerts drivers that law enforcement has begun a crackdown in Osceola and Kissimmee on those who don’t yield to pedestrians.


Take it from a Car Accident Attorney: Safety First

Aside perhaps from first responders, no one sees more first-hand damage of negligence than a personal injury attorney. After the tragedy of an accident, the attorney works to make an injury victim whole again. This means securing payment for medical expenses that may occur during a lifetime of recovery. In the case of a car accident involving a child, the damage can be particularly devastating. In these days of distracted driving, it’s more likely than ever that a driver will cruise right through an intersection. And that intersection may be filled with school children. Do what it takes to put safety first.

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