Birth Injury Lawyer: D.C. Hospital Ordered to Close Obstetrics Unit

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A Washington, D.C. hospital has been ordered to stop delivering babies because hospital staff made dangerous errors in caring for pregnant women and newborns, according to the Washington Post. The District of Columbia Department of Health took the move against United Medical Center after learning of mistakes that could lead to birth injury.

In one case, doctors failed to monitor and properly treat an overweight pregnant woman who was having trouble breathing. The woman arrived at the hospital in “acute respiratory distress.” She had a history of a deadly blood pressure condition called preeclampsia.

Another maternity patient was infected with HIV, and doctors delivered the baby naturally, instead of by Cesarian section. The standard of care is to deliver babies from HIV positive women via C-section. This kind of delivery lessens the chance of passing the disease along to the baby. The medical team then failed to treat the new baby with medication to protect it from the HIV virus.

United Medical center is a public hospital that serves mostly poor and African-American residents of Southeast Washington. The hospital said in a statement that “three separate cases involving deficiencies in screening, clinical assessment and delivery protocols.” A hospital spokeswoman said privacy regulations prohibited the hospital from releasing details.

When to Consult a Birth Injury Lawyer

Mistakes in caring for pregnant women or delivering babies can sometimes result in birth injury. The most common newborn injury is brain damage from a lack of oxygen. Doctors generally call these injuries cerebral palsy.

If medical malpractice or negligence caused the injury, it is important to contact birth injury attorneys. More than likely, they will be able to find out the cause of the injury and help you secure future medical expenses and damages. Examples of medical negligence include improperly using a delivery vacuum and forceps and failing to monitor a fetal heart rate. A good birth injury lawyer will make sure you get the help you need.

There are many good sources and organizations available with information to help you give birth to a healthy baby. But if you need a birth injury attorney, contact one as soon as you think you may have a problem.

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