Orlando Accident Injury Attorneys: Florida 3rd Most Dangerous State

Best Orlando Accident Injury AttorneysOrlando Accident Injury Attorneys aren’t surprised at a new report that Florida can be a dangerous place. A new report from WalletHub found that Florida ranks among the least safe states in America. Owing to the high rate of car accidents, workplace injuries, and general mayhem, Florida ranks 48 out of 50 in personal safety. The only places in which it’s riskier to reside are Louisiana and Mississippi.

Experts used 52 criteria in their calculations, such as how many workers are injured on the job, the number of people hit by a car, motorcycle accidents, truck collisions, and car accidents. Orlando Accident Injury Attorneys are familiar with most of these kinds of personal injury lawsuits. But there are some features of living in Florida that are not so common. The Tampa Bay Times recently reported on  5 reasons Florida might be the most dangerous state in the country.

Shooting accident lawyers have been keeping busy. Accidental shootings in the state have nearly doubled in the past ten years. Getting hit by a car in Florida is also a popular pastime. Personal injury lawyers in Orlando and throughout the state are working hard to recover losses for pedestrian accident victims. Of the 10 deadliest cities for walkers in America, eight are in Florida. Every year in Central Florida, car accidents kill about 6,000 pedestrians.



Orlando Accident Injury Attorneys Fight for Victims

While many of the day to day hazards we face, such as extreme weather, are unavoidable, most accidents can be prevented. In fact, most accidents are the result of carelessness or negligence. However, the law provides a way for accident victims to recover losses and medical expenses from an accident that was not your fault. Regardless of the type of accident, a victim can file a personal injury lawsuit in a case of negligence.

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Source: WalletHub


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