$417 Million Award in J&J Baby Powder Lawsuit

baby powderA jury in Los Angeles has awarded $417 million to a woman who says her ovarian cancer was caused by using Johnson & Johnson’s baby powder for decades.

Eva Echeverria, a 63-year-old medical receptionist, filed suit in July of last year. She said she used Johnson & Johnson’s baby powder twice a day for nearly forty years. She developed ovarian cancer in 2007 and stopped using the product in 2016. She stopped after hearing about a lawsuit from another woman who said that baby powder caused similar cancer.

Echevara was too ill to attend the trial. Her lawyer said that she “feels good today that maybe women in America and maybe even Johnson & Johnson will get the message.”

Latest of Many Cases

The New York Times reported that Echevera is one of thousands of women who have sued Johnson & Johnson claiming baby powder caused their ovarian cancer. The first case was in 2016, when a South Dakota woman came upon the link with talcum powder while researching the causes of her disease. Subsequent lawsuits and research revealed many studies supporting the theory. The first was in 1971 when scientist discovered talc particles in cervical and ovarian tumors.

The Los Angeles verdict is the latest in a series of high profile baby powder lawsuit cases that Johnson & Johnson has lost recently. Last year, juries awarded $72 million in one case and $55 million in another. A Virgina woman awarded $110 million to a woman in May 0f 2017.

Experts say the company is not necessarily losing the cases because of a clear connection between talc and cancer. They say it’s because lawyers have been able to show the Johnson & Johnson concealed potentially damaging studies. Johnson & Johnson maintains that there is no clear evidence that the product is dangerous. Many researchers say that the data is inconclusive.

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