Auto Accident Attorneys Urge Caution on Car “Auto Pilot” Systems

Orlando auto accident attorneysOrlando auto accident attorneys are reminding drivers that there’s really no “Auto Pilot” feature for cars. Despite all the new gadgets called “Driver-Assist Systems,” a car’s driver is ultimately responsible for safety. A new report from AAA in Orlando says that the names for the new technology gives drivers a false sense of security.

New cars equipped with programs with names like Autopilot, Pilot Assist and ProPILOT lead drivers to think they can pay less attention to the road.  As a result, this misunderstanding of driver assist technology can lead to more car accidents. “With today’s exciting advances in vehicle technology, there is a greater need for naming that clearly signals to a driver what the system does,” said Greg Brannon, AAA’s director of Automotive Engineering and Industry Relations. “Vague or confusing terminology may lead someone to overestimate a system’s capability, unintentionally placing the driver and others on the road at risk.”

In addition to overreaching with their names, these systems sometimes don’t even deliver on minimal promises. AAA’s testing showed that in many instances, the programs failed to avoid accidents. Basically, they should help avoid car accidents by alerting operators to hazards. But the warnings did not help drivers stay in their lanes or swerve to miss a collision.

When safety experts tested “Auto Pilot” features on several vehicles, most of them were inadequate. Left to their own devices, these cars would have crashed in normal driving conditions. For instance, cars would have collided with vehicles stopped in the road – or even changing lanes.

Auto Accident Attorneys Help Accident Victims

These pilot assist features are designed to help prevent the kinds of car accidents that accident attorneys deal with every day. Basically, it all comes down to avoiding collisions or hitting a stopped vehicle – or pedestrian. Whatever the cause, a car accident can be a devastating and costly experience. If an accident strikes you or a loved one, you’ll want the best personal injury lawyer you can get.

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