Apopka Car Accident Attorney Says Drop Bad Driving Habits

Apopka car accident attorneyApopka Car Accident Attorney Martinez Manglardi PA says that drivers need to be aware of their bad habits. According to a recent story in the Apopka Voice, distracted driving and other bad habits are taking their toll on American highways. The story reports on a new survey of driving habits. The 2019 Behind-the-Wheel Confessions Report by DriversEd.Com says that surveyed drivers confessed to many bad behaviors behind the wheel, including speeding, running red lights, and drunk driving.

Laura Adams of DriversEd.com says that while there’s good news in the report, there’s plenty to be worried about. “The good news is that a fairly high percentage, 91%, of Americans say they always wear a seatbelt. The bad news: just about all of the other data we found,” she said. “When it comes to driving safety, the country and its roadways are in a state of perennial crisis—and the situation is getting worse, largely thanks to phones, texting, and social media.”

Apopka Car Accident Attorney Says be Responsible

The study found that U.S. drivers admitted:

  • Drowsy Driving: 71% admit they have driven while drowsy, while 20% admit they have fallen asleep.
  • Speeding: 89% admit they have driven above the speed limit.
  • Road Rage: 40% admit they have had road rage.
  • Stop Signs: 58% admit they have gone through a stop sign without entirely stopping.
  • Red Lights: 47% admit they have run a red light.
  • Changing Tires: 62% admit they have waited longer than they should have to change their tires.
  • Distracted Driving: 31% admit they check their phone more often than they should while driving.
  • Drunk Driving: 24% admit they have driven while drunk.

Apopka Car Accident Attorney Can Help Get Settlements

All of the driving behaviors listed above constitute negligence or carelessness. When we get behind the wheel of a car or ride a motorcycle or bicycle, we have a duty to pay attention and be safe. When someone fails in their duty and hurts or kills someone, the law provides a method for victim compensation. A personal injury lawyer or car accident attorney can help you get a fair settlement.

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