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Case against Ryland Homes

A Florida woman’s five-month-old home sustained thousands of dollars in water damage after the fall 2004 hurricanes, and her home has been declared uninhabitable by the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

Attorneys Trial Group has filed a suit on her behalf against Ryland Homes of Florida Realty Corporation, alleging that after the woman purchased the home, and continuing until the present, there have been construction defects with the home, including, but not limited to, water intrusion, mold and settling due to improper construction.

The suit also alleges that Ryland Homes has violated a number of Florida building codes, including improper drainage in and around the foundation, and lack of waterproofing of interior and exterior walls. Attorneys Trial Group is seeking compensation for the loss of the home, as well as damage to personal property that had been inside the home.

Ryland Homes, a Fortune 500 company, is also facing complaints from hundreds of other homeowners who suffered unusual and extensive water damage in the wake of the three hurricanes that hit Orlando within a six-week period. Though Ryland insists the water intrusion is a result of hurricane-force winds and rain, county building officials have stated that no wall should leak.

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