$3 Million Award in Birth Injury Case

florida birth injury lawyersA jury in Delaware has ordered an obstetrician to pay $3 million for injuring a baby during a delivery according to a report in Delaware Online. Lawyers for Monica Broughton, and her son Amari Broughton-Fleming, say that Dover obstetrician Dr. Peter Wong used to much force when pulling on her baby’s head during delivery. The damage paralyzed Amari’s right arm.

Lawyers say that prior to delivery, the baby’s shoulder was positioned behind his mother’s pelvis. They charge that the doctor used too much force trying to dislodge the shoulder.  Allegedly, Dr. Wong pulled down sharply on the infant’s head and neck, causing permanent nerve damage.  Lawyers say that the forceful action tore two of the five main nerve systems in the boy’s shoulder and damaged the others. Amari’s right arm fell limp when he was delivered and doctors rushed him to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.

Damage from Birth Injury

Amari has undergone two major surgeries to correct the problems, but he still has difficulty with daily activities. He cannot ride a bicycle or participate in many sports. His right arm is four inches shorter than his left arm.

In court testimony,  Dr. Wong denied medical malpractice or negligence. He maintained that forces of natural maternal labor caused the infant’s injuries. The procedure took place in 2008 at an obstetrics center in Dover called Dedicated to Women OB-GYN.

Dedicated to Women released a statement saying that Dr. Wong “acted, at all times, with appropriate care.” The president of the medical group says that they are considering an appeal.

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