Nursing Home Owner Arrested

The owner of a small Florida nursing home was recently arrested for several incidents of abuse to the elderly patients.  This person is facing several criminal charges and a hefty jail sentence if found guilty in a court of law.  Some of the charges include false imprisonment, neglect, exploitation and aggravated abuse of patients.  Unfortunately, these incidents continue to occur all around the country & our team of Nursing Home Abuse Attorneys continue to fight for the rights of our elderly.

The victims of nursing home abuse are in need of help by family members and profesional Personal Injury Attorneys.  In many cases that we have been involved in, the victims were hardly able to defend themselves or even speak of the abuse they had been subject to.  Some of these are almost unbelievable horror stories, but the law is very firm and clear when we seek justice.

Anyone who suspects that a loved one or a family member has been the victim of any type of abuse, whether it involves financial, mental or verbal abuse or if the elderly person has suffered any physical injury while in the care of a nursing home, please call the Martinez Manglardi Law Firm immediately.  A free initial consultation will allow us to review the facts and circumstances and we will provide advice on the best course of action.  Some cases merit a lawsuit in the pursuit of justice and claims for monetary compensation for medical expenses, damages and injuries.

We have successfully represented nursing home abuse victims for many years and we have won cases worth Hundreds of Millions for our clients.  We are very aggressive in pursuing justice for the helpless elderly.  Our highly experienced Florida Litigation Attorneys are very knowledgeable of the laws and the courts.  Nursing Homes need to held accountable for the high standard of care and protection of the elderly  and as our aging population continues to grow, we all need to be more vigilant against abuse.

We can only become aware of abuse when a friend or loved one reports these types of incidents to our Florida Nursing Home Lawyers, some victims are unable to speak for themselves.  Please do not hesitate to inform our office of any suspected incidents of abuse, we are here to help, protect and defend all victim’s victim’s rights.

Martinez Manglardi has a strong reputation as defender’s of nursing home patient’s rights.  Our Personal Injury Attorneys are very well known for their passion against injustice to the elderly.  Call us now, we are on your side !

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